Combining words and / or nodes: named entities in a graph

What to do If you want to use concepts that consists of multiple words?

For instance, if you’re currently writing about Virtual Reality you can tell the graph that it should add an extra node which is “Virtual Reality” if you select the phrase and hashtag it like that:

i'm writing about #virtual_reality and it should be a term of its own 

Make sure to go to the Settings before that and scroll to Hashtags section and choose the option Process both hashtags and text.

The default behavior is to prioritize the hashtags if they are in text, so if you don’t select this setting the statement above will just add #virtual_reality as a node and the text will just be the node’s description.

We will soon implement automatic named entity detection as an option.

Please, subcribe to us on Twitter @noduslabs to be informed or drop us an email.

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