Create a new text network graph with InfraNodus

A text network graph is a representation of text where the words are the nodes and their co-occurrences are the connections between them.

This makes it possible to visualize any text as a network and to apply graph algorithms to get a new perspective on data.

To create your first graph:

  1. Go to InfraNodus Apps

  1. Click Add a New Text app, or open the Menu at the top left and click + add new graph link, give a name to your graph, and click SAVE:

  1. You will see an empty page with an input field:

InfraNodus input field

  1. Type something in the text input field above, such as:

    i am learning something new about text network analysis and right now i'll add my first text graph into infranodus

    you can also copy and paste an existing text you have

Adding a text into InfraNodus

  1. Then click or tap the Save button.

  1. The text graph will be visualized:

InfraNodus text network visualization

  1. Add another statement and click Save, for example:

    graph visualizations of text help understand the meaning of text, identify the main topics and also see the structural gaps between them

Text network visualization of text

  1. You will see a graph visualization of the text you just typed in. The most influential nodes (words) are shown bigger on the graph. The different clusters of the nodes (words) that are closer to each other and have distinct colors, indicate the main topics present within the document

text graph visualization

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