Edit an existing text or a statement

To edit a text / graph or a statement:

  1. Make sure you have the text showing on the page. If you need to choose one, you can click the top left Menu button to open a list of available text graphs you have:

click top left menu choose graph

  1. If it is not shown, click the Show Text button at the top right corner:

  1. Then make sure you see the text and you are on the edit pane of the text dialog at the bottom left corner:

Select Edit Pane

  1. Click on the statement you want to edit.

  1. Then click the edit link. The statement will appear in the edit pane below:

  1. You can now edit (click edit) or delete the statement (click the trash icon).

  1. You can also cancel the editor and then click deselect on the statement, so that you can see all the statements of the text.

  1. To delete the whole text — click the trash icon at the left menu:

click the delete button at the left menu to delete the text and the graph

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