Export your text graphs and data

By default all the data you enter into InfraNodus is private. This means it is only accessible if you log in using your credentials and it cannot be viewed by anyone else.

There are several ways to export your graphs and textual data:

1. Export the Graph’s Image

  1. In order to export your graph as an image, click the i - Analytics button at the bottom right corner.

  2. Then click Export: PNG button.

Your graph image will be exported as a PNG with a transparent background.

You can also, of course, simply make a screenshot.

Don’t forget that you can switch the background theme between the white / black using the button in the right menu, in case you like dark background:

If you’re interested in high-resolution SVG export, drop us a line, and we will push this feature ahead of the queue.

2. Export the Graph Data (gexf format for Gephi)

If you would like to perform further manipulations on the text network graph using the software of your choice (e.g. Gephi), you can export it as a gexf file.

Gexf format is a kind of XML file, which has information about the nodes and the edges, as well as their attributes. You can later convert it into another popular graphml format.

To do the export, you can click the Export: Gexf button in the Analytics pane, or scroll to the import options in the left menu:

3. Export the Text

You can also export the text you created. In order to do that, click the left menu pane to open the menu, scroll down to Import options and select text only:

You will see all your text as a text file. Click Save As... in your browser to save it to your disk or copy and paste it to enter into a new program (e.g. notes, Word processor, another InfraNodus account etc.)

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